Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holly Movie - Screening in Portland

Once in a while there are films worth seeing. More so, films on human trafficking are often Hollywood grade entertainment and fail to really address the heart of the issue. The movies "Human Trafficking" and "Trade" are two films that failed to really make the grade. "Holly" on the other hand, really addresses the complexity of the issue, as well as, what is needed to help make a difference.

November 30th, we had the pleasure of hosting "Holly" and one of its producers, Adi Ezroni, in Portland for a screening of the film. We had a great turn out for the film, including a large number of Cambodian-Americans. The film is about a young Vietnamese girl, trafficked into Cambodia, where she encounters and American who wants to help her escape.

Watching the film, I was stunned by the overall authenticity of the situations, the characters, and the emotions conveyed. At one point in the film, Holly is brought into a shelter, where she wrestles with the dichotomy of being freed from slavery only to be put into an institution. I cannot tell you how many times I have lived this moment - the first day of a young lady coming into your program and the emotional struggle.
The end of the movie is really a pivotal moment - it leaves it up to the viewer to decide Holly's fate. In many ways, the plight or future of all of the Holly's in Cambodia is up to us. I would encourage you to see the film and allow it to impact you regarding the reality of this important issue.

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