Thursday, August 23, 2007

Transitions Cambodia Progress - Website & Interviews

This week has been hectic. We are working on our website, making adjustments and changes to make the site great. Our web developer is hoping to have something up by the 27th of August, but we will see. Any changes Athena and I make impact the actual launch date. In the meantime, here is an update...

I had the distinct pleasure of talking with Richard Greenberg of NBC's Dateline. Many of you will remember the Cambodia special they aired in 2004, focusing on the child sex trade. This special was the impetus to our family moving to Cambodia less than a year later! Richard heard about our work through a friend and called to talk. We shared some about our experience and the work we are, Richard is considering a follow up story, possibly including the work we are doing with Transitions Cambodia, Inc. Very exciting - we are hoping this will highlight the tremendous need to support these young ladies, that have been through so much, with the capacity to have a future.

Also, a wonderful friend, Sophia Hall from CBS Radio, has been gracious enough to interview me this last week on the work TCI is doing - the piece will air on Sunday, August 26th throughout the day and we will post it on the website as soon as we can. Sophia has been a great advocate and she is working on some other wonderful things for us, which we will let you know at the appropriate time. Keep your fingers crossed!

We have also taken the plunge on returning to Cambodia - I will be leaving October 6th, following some fund raising opportunities. I will be working with the transitional home staff on new programs and policies to help make TCI the best organization we can. We are hoping to have some potential donors to visit, as well as, a potential visit from Dateline's crew.

For now, I am taking a well needed break - taking the kids camping for the weekend with the Cambodian community in Portland. Should be fun with lots of great Khmer food!

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