Monday, August 13, 2007

Transitions is getting under way!

After just a couple of months, we realized that we needed to continue the work we started in Cambodia. The options were to either find a job and be involved in Cambodia part-time or find a way to turn it into a lifetime pursuit. We moved to Oregon, ready to start over from scratch. From buying a house to getting plates and silverware - we had nothing. But, as we were getting settled, we realized that this was the one opportunity we had to do anything we wanted.

I could jump back into corporate sales or something else making good money or we could re-invent ourselves. Athena and I decided to take the leap! We met with an attorney, did our research, and embarked on starting our very own 501c3 Non-profit organization. We had pioneered the very first transitional home in Cambodia and it was doing well. Other organizations wanted us to stay and continue our work in the areas of reintegration and repatriation of sexually trafficked girls.

We chose the name Transitions Cambodia, Inc. (TCI) based on the transitional home model. We have started on the website, completing all of the formalities, but we are just a short way off from being a legitimate non-profit organization. We are currently beginning fund raising and anticipate being back in Cambodia operating by October or November of 2007!

If you are interested in being involved or donating to TCI, please contact us at:

Transitions Cambodia, Inc.
6617 NE Marina Ct.
Hillsboro, OR 97124


We will be journaling our progress, as well as, informing our supporters and partners of what is happening. Please join us in helping these young victims of sex trafficking to find healing and help.

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